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Bulk Services

“Well versed with break bulk cargo handling”

Break Bulk Services

Cargo that is too big or too heavy to be loaded onto a flat rack container can be loaded directly onto the vessel. These are known as Break Bulk Cargo. By providing best in class services for Break-Bulk Cargo, IGL is recognized as a vibrant Break-Bulk Handler. We provide total solution for Break-Bulk Cargo.

Our staff is well trained and capable to deal with any kind of issue related to Break-Bulk Cargo. Our optimally reliable Break-Bulk Services are offered on very genuine rates


RO-RO Service

RORO Shipping Service or RO-RO is short for “roll on, roll off”. This simply refers to the method by which vehicles and machinery are loaded onto large ocean shipping vessels for transport overseas. AKS provides RORO logistic services to individuals and corporations who wish to transport single or multiple vehicles.

Special Cargo

Shipping heavy equipment, industrial machinery, or fragile and oversized cargo requires special expertise. Oversized cargo is cargo that is unusually large and cannot be shipped in a standard container. Our specialist teams are on hand to help you ship any type of oversized product anywhere in the world. We can mix and match our end-to-end, bespoke solutions and our loading and unloading capacity at over 100 ports with versatile and flexible service offerings to deliver a secure service.


Cross Stuffing

AKS Global has a designated team that specializes in cross-stuffing containers that help connect all continents of the globe with cost-effective, and yet time-sensitive services. Cross stuffing is a service often used by our clients, with our strategic location in the Middle East and Dubai serving as a transshipment center. Hence our experience in the field is second to none and highly preferred by one and all.